For the Love of Festivals

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The festive season is everyone’s favourite time of the year as it gives us a chance to lose our inhibition, break rules, and the start of new. As the festivity inches closer, our excitement for it also increases. Here is why we absolutely love the festive celebrations.

Get the Foodie Out!

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Festivals are the perfect to time to indulge in some guilt-free eating. It is the perfect time to ditch the gym and enjoy the savoury snacks of the festival. Eat the festive sweets and snacks to your heart’s content and worry about the holiday weight after the end of festivities.

Friends and Family Time:

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It is during the festivals that we engage in some quality time with our friends, family and relatives. It is always good to catch up with your relatives over a game of cards or team up with your cousins to plan the next prank to trouble the elders in your family.

Extra Cash:

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Festivals bring in some extra income in from adults in the family. If you’re the youngest in your family, you know that you’ve made the most of this day. Keep this extra cash safe to later splurge on things you want to buy.


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With the festivals comes the mini vacation. Eat, sleep, or party, whatever you do enjoy it before you are thrown into normalcy again.


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If you haven’t been throwing around hints for gifts, you still have time to do so. Festivals are the only time when parents will never say no to your gift requests.

New Clothes:

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Festivals are the beginning of new times, likewise, our wardrobes are also in need of something new. Go on a Fill your wardrobe with new trends from the new season.

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