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‘Without music, life would be a mistake’ – Friedrich Nietzsche.


You may not have your cupboard organized but when it comes to music, you have it all chalked out. From pop to indie to motivational gym tracks, music is the answer to all problems! There is a playlist for the nights when you don’t get sleep, and even ones for the nights you don’t want to sleep. There are songs for the karaoke sessions and songs you sing out loud with your girls. And, then there are some that stick to your mind like skinnies to your legs.


Here are tracks we’re in love with and top our list of favourites since time we first heard them:

Single Ladies by Beyonce

A Beyonce track that makes you feel fabulous about who you are,has to make the cut.



So What by Pink

 Call it a Monday Motivation track or your workout rhyme. This song needs to be on your playlist.


Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

 Well, this song needs no reason to be in your list, it just has to be. This one is for those gloomy days where you don’t want to get out of bed. Its reflective tunes will definitely ramp up your emotional output.


The A team by Ed Sheeran

There comes a time where a slow song is all you need to get through the day & Ed Sheeran is one guy no chic can resist!


I Dont Care by Icona Pop

A song apt for your girl’s night out. Don’t you want to hit play and sing along at the top of your voice?


Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

Of course! Taylor Swift has somehow managed to say what all girls feel! One can never get enough of her songs!


Fancy by Iggy Azalea

A song to sing along when you’re on a drive with your girlfriends. If you don’t know the lyrics, just mumble until you can catch up.


Who run the world by Beyonce

No girl can deny that this song instantly makes them feel in charge and empowered!


Worth it by Fifth Harmony

Another song every girl wants to have on her playlist, because it’s catchy as hell and it’s totally WORTH IT!


You may have surely heard these songs and at some point of time in your life they must have been the most overplayed one! Let us know in the comments which songs are part of your ultimate playlist.

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