Top 5 Movies to Binge Watch

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Movies are a perfect source of entertainment for a lazy weekend with a slice of pizza to go by. Invite your girl pals or laze around in your pyjamas as you prepare yourself for a weekend movie marathon.
We present to you 5 movies that you must binge watch:

Mean Girls

MeanGirls (1)

Cady is instantly liked by the A-list girl group at her new high school until she falls for Aaron Samuels, the ex – boyfriend of the Queen Bee Regina George.

The story explores the teenagers as they try to find their true personalities. The story is funny and the characters are hilarious. Mean Girls has stood the test of time as it is equally popular amongst the teens and adults today.


Bridesmaids Movie

A competition between the maid of honour and a bridesmaid creates a series of hilarious situations with entertaining outcomes.

There is a sense of charm and heart in the movie, but it’s not afraid to pull some solid punches which are excellently delivered by this all women cast. Bridesmaid is the movie that will make you laugh harder than you ever have.

Pitch Perfect


Beca injects some much needed energy into the repertoire all girls A Capella group, as the Bellas take on their male rivals in a campus competition.

The movie is a perfect mix of music and comedy; it gives an opportunity to sing along to the songs and at the same time gives you some hard laughs which are a result of the excellent timings of the characters.

Look out for Rebel Wilson as she makes you chuckle in every scene she is in.

Easy A


A straight A student uses the school’s rumour mill to advance her social standing amongst the circles in high school.

The movie delivers some unforgettable witty dialogues that are exchanged between the characters. With Emma Stone being at her quirky best, this is one movie that’s perfect for a sleepover with your girl pals.

10 Things I Hate About You


10 things I hate about you introduced us to two heart throbs – Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger and we are grateful for that.

A modern twist to Shakespeare’s, ‘Taming of the Shrew’, this movie sets the perfect premise for a chick flick. It has the right amount of comedy and romance that is enhanced by the powerful portrayal of characters. There are moments in the movie that will make you blush and flutter your heart, especially the scene where Heath Ledger sings, ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ on the school soccer field.


The next time you plan a sleepover, you know which movies to binge watch. Let us know your favourite movies in the comments below.

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