Waiting on Christmas

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The holiday season is already upon us. And your inner child is probably out by now. This season comes with a whirlwind of celebrations with friends and family.  The thought of shopping, eggnog, baking cakes or listening to Christmas music just seem to enhance our anticipation. We may not want to admit it but we all go through different waves of emotion as Christmas sneaks upon us.

Here are a few things that make up your full – on – pre-Christmas mood.

Christmas Carols

You can’t get Christmas Carols out of your head! Christmas = Carol singing all the way!

All things Christmassy


The sight of decorated stores makes you want to step in and splurge. You see it, you buy it. Christmas is all about pretty décor and covering your home/office space with all things Christmassy.

Christmas Sweets


Buy, make or just hog up on all the Christmas sweets you get your hands on before even Christmas Eve. It’s a season to say goodbye to your diet plans and eat and hog to your hearts content.

The goodness of gifts

Christmas 5

If you’ve been good this year, then Santa is bound to knock your door with your desired Christmas present.

Patiently. Maybe not so patiently everyone gets anxious by the thought of receiving gifts. From a child to an adult, everybody is excited about receiving Christmas gifts.

Christmas Shopping

Picture 6

Christmas, that one time of the year when you can splurge without feeling guilty. Afterall, the merry season calls for all things cozy and all things red.

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What’s that one thing that excites you most about Christmas? Tell us in the comments section below.

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