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Seal Of Safety


UV-C wardrobe

Garments are sterilised
before and after trials

CoronaGuard and CORONA CANON

Attacks And Disables 99.9%*
Coronavirus Covid-19

Steam Iron Machines

Garments are steam ironed
to deactivate the virus

Got Queries?

1. What is the Seal of Safety?

The Seal of Safety represents the highest level of safety protocols we have incorporated in our stores across India.

2. What kind of precautions are taken at the stores?

Our stores are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a safe shopping experience. We have installed CORONAGUARD & CORONA CANON devices that attack and kill 99.9% *Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All our garments are placed in the UV-C wardrobe before and after every trial, which sterilizes the garments and disables the ability of the DNA of any virus from multiplying.

Additionally, the staff at every store steam iron garments daily to kill any virus or bacteria.

All our employees always adhere to strict safety guidelines like wearing a mask, regular temperature checks, complete sanitization protocols and social distancing norms laid by the authorities, as a mandated hygiene practice.


CORONAGUARD is a device certified by Eureka Forbes and CORONA CANON by SHYCOCAN. It has been conceptualised and made in India. It attacks and disables 99.9% *Coronavirus (COVID-19) keeping the environment secure.

4. Is the use of CORONAGUARD & CORONA CANON been approved?

The CORONAGUARD and CORONA CANON are CE (EU Class 1) approved alongside US FDA ‘Enforcement Policy for containment of SARS COV-2 during the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency.

5. Is the CORONAGUARD & CORONA CANON safe for me?

Yes. The devices are chemical free, odour free, stain free and have no side effects

6. Is it safe to try garments at the store?

Yes. All our garments are sterilized in the newly installed UV-C wardrobe before and after every trial, for a safe, worry-free shopping experience.

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